About me

Photo of GinaHello Gentlemen! My name is Gina!

It has been said by men for many centuries, that the rarest of female commodities is true sensuality. With less than 1 in 100,000 women possessing this gift, it is indeed a rare and treasured gift. I have been told many times over that I possess such a gift and indeed, that I know how to use it in its many varying forms.

What is this gift and how does it work?. Well I can through either my body or my attitude of mind take your existing desires and fantasies and extend them many times over in a variety of differing formats.

Whatever desires you have, will be used to create and control your every thought and move, resulting in enhanced pleasure and total relief, a very rare gift indeed.

The time spent between us will never be dull and you have my personal no rush guarantee!!!

Take Care, Gina

Ethnicity: Asian - Age:24 - Hair Color: Brunette - Eyes Color: Black - Stats: 36D - Height: 5'0" 
: No -  Location: Las Vegas

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